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Robert Indermaur, wherever you look

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

In the canton of Grisons you can't miss the works of Robert Indermaur. Paying attention to it, one can detect a variety of his sculptures and wall paintings within only a few kilometers.

Exhibition "People's Park - Extension" at the Kulturforum Würth

Recently, the company Würth has exhibited a collection of Robert Indermaur's work. Both the entry hall and the garden were decorated with paintings and sculptures of the local artist.

Even though, the exhibition is no longer on display, one can find many of his works easily accessible in the region.

Upon arrival at the Chur train station, one is welcomed by the wall paining of a fiddler, which seeks to entertain its passersby. It has replaced several times after renovations and one accidental overpainting. Continuing further into the old town, at the crossing of Planaterrastrasse and Storchengasse, a dog barks at a woman. As the dog is attached to the drain pipe, he does not get further than his leach. The scene seems energetic and brings life to the silent and empty alley. Closeby, a man with flowers in his hands is modestly leaning against the wall and seems to be awaiting someone. At the other end of the old town, two more figures are glimpsing through the Obertor. One wonders, what they fear and what might expect them on the other side of the mural.

Wall paintings at the train station and in the old town

One cannot miss the Orbiter sculpture on Postplatz, at the end of Bahnhofstrasse in Chur. The sculpture on stilts towers above passersby and looks down on them. Nearby, on the Theaterplatz, a man in a wheelchair holds an impressive ball above his head. The bronze sculpture is called "throw-in" and gives the impression as if a game was taking place and everyone was just waiting for the ball to continue. The next two sculptures are a bit more hidden at the entrance to Grison Tourism. One is welcoming the visitors with a smile, while the other is hiding behind his newspaper, busily reading. All interacting with their environment, yet standing for themselves.

Sculptures, in Chur and Untervaz

Similarly, the travelling woman, who sits with her luggage at the train station in Thusis - as if she was awaiting the next train. Or the group of sculptures at the waste incineration plant in Untervaz. A woman surrounded by demolished forms is looking up to another sculpture up high in the air, balancing with another form on his back. As a viewer on awaits the form to fall down any minute and get demolished next to the woman and the other forms.

For those who need a break on their discovery tour, it is recommended to get a bite at the restaurant Merz in Domat/Ems. Among the guests, in form of a chair, as in the title image, another Indermaur sculpture is sitting and fitting in with its environment. Found it?

The list could go on, as his paintings were not even touched upon. Those are often in ownership of institutions such as the hospital. An overview is provided on Robert Indermaur's website.


Born 1947 in Chur

Became a teacher first and worked as primary school teacher

Co-founder of the theater Klibühni Chur

Made his hobby to his profession and became artist

Lives and works in Almens (second Atelier in Paspels)

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