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Museums are continuously working on sharing old knowledge in a modern fashion, which goes hand in hand with increasing their digital appearance. Now, during the Corona pandemic, this digital presence is of extraordinary value. The following museums, artists and exhibitions convey their message both online and offline.

Impressions from the Pavillon Le Corbusier in 2014


The virtual tour starts at Lake Zurich. The Pavillon Le Corbusier is a great way one can experience the breadth of Le Corbusier's work, displayed in one location. From furniture, color combination and drawings to his distinctive architecture. The Pavillon was newly renovated in 2019, it has since been managed by the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich. The online accessible eGuide provides a deeper insight into the construction, materials and background of the pavillon and its creator. These insights will allow one to experience the building in all its depth in the coming summer months. A good step up is to visit the Villa Le Lac, the smallest villa on Lake Geneva, where similar elements of Le Corbusier's work, such as a rooftop garden and the kitchen can be discovered.

Le Corbusier, Charles-Éduard Jeanneret

Born 1887 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, passed away1956 in France

Revolutionized architecture in the 20th Century with his focus on functionality

Several works belong to the UNESCO World Heritage list

Until 2016 the face of the Swiss 10-franc banknote

Les Couleurs le Corbusier are still available – with an Insta-Feed worth checking



Function and materials are equally important in the next museum, in particular its current exhibition. "Typology: An Ongoing Study of Everyday Items", which The Vitra Design Museum Gallery presents until the End of May. While the museum is closed, the curator Viviane Stappmanns provides an online tour through the exhibition. She reveals among other things, how the wine bottle, cork and vegetable crate have changed over time - or remained the same. The design collective "Collections Typologie" researches the exact origin and development of everyday objects and their designers. In their publications they describe what has influenced the emergence of new forms, functions and material of the items. In addition, the museum collection of the Vitra Design Museum is available online, as well as interviews and online Videos of past exhibition openings.

Guided tour by Viviane Stappmanns, Vitra Design Museum



Thanks to the internet, one can follow happenings on a global scale: online exhibitions of museums, but also world events. Videos and pictures of the latter are collected by the artist Arthur Jafa, who implements them in his work. During the last years, he has produced several films, in which he confronts the viewer with strong racial ideas sourced from the internet. Those are "Love is the message, the message is death", "The White Album" and "Apex". The movies switch so fast from moments of happiness to tragic, that it is impossible for one's feelings to keep up with the content. The added music underlines the intensity of the sometimes brutal scenes and hooks the viewer. In order to have the full experience, it is therefore still recommended to watch the content live at an exhibition. Works of Arthur Jafa appear now and then within reach, for example at the Luma Westbau in Zurich, the Biennale in Venice or at Art Basel.

Arthur Jafa about APEX, Luma Arles

On the Louisiana Channel produced by the Louisiana Art Museum outside of Copenhagen, Arthur Jafa shares anecdotes of the creation process of his work and their meaning. On the channel, there are similar insights provided by other artists - the personal insights into the art is refreshing and a nice way to get to feel the artist.

Arthur Jafa

Born 1960 in Mississippi

Studied film and architecture, worked as cinematographer

Collects pictures since childhood and brings them into a new context

Lives and works in Los Angeles



Last on the list is the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which provides exhibitions online. Currently on display is "Words and Pictures" about the american photographer Dorothea Lange, who is best known for her documentation of poverty, crisis and daily struggles. In the exhibition not only the pictures are important, but also her notes in which she describes the context and state in order to raise awareness of the shortcomings. In the virtual tour, one can navigate through the rooms and hear more information on the backgrounds of the pictures - almost like strolling through the museum with an audio guide.

Dorothea Lange

Born 1895 in New Jersey, passed away 1965 in California

Belongs to the first and most important documentary photographer

Uses her pictures to fight for social justice

Exhibition trailer, Museum of Modern Art


Museum visits online can be as equally inspiring as the real thing.

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